About us

We are working, to provide you with moments of delight and melting pleasure.
In our carefully selected list of traditional French recipes, only creations of baking and pastry art are included, which we personally love and appreciate. Their irresistible taste and perfect quality come from uncompromisingly selected products - fresh, of clear origin, only natural. We do not allow preservatives and artificial flavors. Because our exceptional specialties must not only be delicious, but also absolutely safe for you!
With the kneading, the smashing, master confectioners and bakers from "MJ Catering" are responsible for mixing and baking the dough delights. With a lot of attention, professionalism and passion they prepare the sweet masterpieces by hand, which you eagerly try and admire.
What else can we say?
Welcome! The memorable pastries and breads will say it for us!